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Album: Shrewsbury to Longdon-on-Tern

This album covers the stretch of canal from Shrewsbury to just before Longdon

Album: Longden-on-Tern to Wappenshall

This album contains pictures and text documents relating to the section of the Shrewsbury Canal from Longdon-on-Tern to just before Wappenshall.

Album: Wappenshall to Newport

This album is about the stretch of canal from Wappenshall to just before Newport.

Album: Humber Arm

Humber Arm

Album: Newport to Norbury Junction

This album contains pictures and documents concerning the stretch of canal from Newport to Norbury Junction.

Album: Newport Canal

This Album contains items relating to the Newport Canal in general.

Album: Shrewsbury Canal

These files relate to the Shrewsbury Canal in general

Album: The Tub Boat Canals

This album contains files relating to the old tub boat canals.

Album: Whole Canal

This album contains files relating to the Shrewsbury & Newport canal in general

Album: W Howard Williams Collection

W Howard Williams (1911-1974) was deeply interested in local history and did much research into the local canals and the industries they served.  He walked all over the old canal systems taking photographs and wrote articles for the Shropshire Magazine. His daughter, Mrs Joyce Beech, has kindly allowed us to copy his photographs and articles for inclusion in this gallery.